Monday, February 22, 2010

I've gone Scrap-Happy!!!

What an AWESOME weekend! On Saturday morning, 3 of my sweet friends came over and we set up shop and scrapbooked from 9am to 3am on Sunday! Then we slept until 8am and scrapbooked more!! We had a blast and I am SO looking forward to doing it again soon! Check out what I got done....

I really like the paper that came in the January promo - the Felicity Collection. They have been very versatile for boy or girl pages.
What a little monkey!! :)

I never like to cover up such beautiful patterned paper, so this was a good alternative. I got to add some fun pics and you can still see a good chunk of the paper behind!

I LOVE the new CTMH stamp set Boys A Play (the traffic signs)! It is so fun and has had many uses so far! And my new favorite alpha is the Cocktail Alphabet, which included upper case, lower case,punctuation and numbers!! And It is not a coincidence that the paper and the kids clothes match so well... I do this on purpose! :)
Between the adorable pics, the Boom-Di-Ada paper and the fav alphabet, I love these pages! And it is not very often that I get to put dump trucks on Lily's pages!
The Animal Cookies paper made these cute pics of my brother and kids come to life!

Alright, so this one is a tad inappropriate, but I find it is those everyday moments that get lost so quickly, so luckily, we will always get to remember just how graphic children's potty books can be! :) And I got to have a lot of fun with my Cuttlebug!
Gotta love the 8-1/2 x 12 pics that you can print at Costco for $1.49 - they sure make pages come together quick!
I love my Cuttlebug!!
Lily's sleeper was my inspiration for this paper. I took my apple stamp and random stamped this page, added glitter to a few apples, then needed a pic to put on it. Is it wrong that I took a pic to match the paper? I think it is supposed to be the other way around... :)
Lovin' the Topstitch paper!
Random stamping + Cuttlebug + Adorable Pics.... Priceless!
Using the January promo - the Felicity Collection, I was able to capture a fun moment between my sisters and I.
The Backwoods stamp set was one that I never thought I would use, but turns out it came in really handy on these pages of tree cutting! Supper simple page, but I really like the end result!
Using Topstitch paper, I scrapbooked my kids looking at their scrapbooks!
This Boom-Di-Ada paper works for so many things, boy or girl! Not to mention that the "Heartfelt" felt pieces are a perfect match!
So, that is all for now (!!!)! I really look forward to my next marathon scrapbooking session! :)


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Karen of the KAGS said...

You were VERY busy Julie! WOW. I think I managed half a page on Saturday - but I had lots of fun visiting :)
So you got the Cuttlebug then? Are you loving it?