Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank-You for your Support!

A huge thank-you to all of you who took the time to vote for my layout on the website this past week. I am so honored that my pages were nominated as one of the top 5 Finalists in the category for Most Inspiring! I submitted these pages just because and apparently my story touched more people than I imagined it would, so thank-you! Here they are for anyone who missed it (or wants to see it again). :)

Category: Most Inspiring

Finalist #1
I Am...I just got my Tickled Pink kit a couple days ago and couldn't wait to make the pages, so as soon as the kids were asleep, to my room I went and here it is! Though it may not be the most original (since I actually followed the outline fairly closely), these pages actually choke me up a bit. I have been suffering with postpartum depression for about 8 months now and it was really hard for me to put into words what I am feeling and who I am (not to mention that my energy and creative juices have been sapped and most days, I quit before I even start). These words that I stamped around the pictures (passionate, talented, beautiful, etc.) are all things that I knew and believed before this depression hit me, but I now look at them with doubt and pray that some day I will really know that they are true again.
In the meantime, I really loved how these pages turned out and hope to look back at them and remember how I felt today... Grateful that I have people who are helping me through this time and will love me no matter what. And grateful that I am all of these things - a woman, a daughter, wife, mother, friend.
-Julie S., Langham, SK

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